Michael The Video


That's about all I can say.  St. Michael the Arch Angel wanted a music video for HIMSELF!!!

Here's how it happened.

We were invited to Germany for a small 3 city tour of Germany with the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal called GIG FEST (God is Good Fest). 

We graciously accepted. 

During the months proceeding the tour, I got the crazy idea of making a music video in Germany for our title track song Michael.  I said to myself, "I want to do it in front of a huge statue of St. Michael the Arch Angel," and I wondered where I could find one.  You know in America we don't really have quite the Catholic history and art as they do in Europe. Then after many google searches... I found it.  St. Michael's Catholic Church in Munich, and the dream began to take shape.

Michael 2.png

Filming a music video doesn't just happen overnight.  Every video production requires lots of prep work and planning.  Add to that, filming it in a foreign nation and you can have a recipe for DISASTER!!! But St. Michael did not want a disaster. He had a plan from the beginning. He orchestrated all the moving parts.  The Angels are powerful!

St. Michael the Arch Angel Catholic Church in the heart of Munich

St. Michael the Arch Angel Catholic Church in the heart of Munich

The first hurdle was to get permission from the church.  I thought to myself this would be impossible for a church in downtown Munich. Then I get the email - permission granted.  I laughed and thought "NO way!!!"

Then we needed a film crew.  Ask and you shall receive! Polish film crew available to film. 

OK... One more hurdle - backline - drums, amps, sound system... where will we get all this gear in a foreign country delivered to a Catholic Church in the center of Munich. Again, ask and you shall receive.  Last minute, the day before the video shoot, God provided everything we needed. Good old Marshall, Ampeg and Yamaha were going to the City!!!

So the day (evening) came to shoot the video.  We were given permission to set up only after the church was closed: 8:00 PM, which meant we would only have about 45 minutes of good light to set up and film. Talk about a tight turn around.  Then ... Houston ... we have a problem.  We have NO POWER!!! The church won't let us run an extension cord out!!! No!!! I prayed to St. Michael.  I told him quite clearly "if you want this you better make this happen!!!" And then there it was ... like a miracle one of the local shops granted us power and we were back in business.

The man, the myth, the saint... Fr. Paulos

The man, the myth, the saint... Fr. Paulos

Now let me set the seen. 

Here we are, the band, Fr. Paulos our fearless leader who had all the connections with the Church, The Polish film crew, our stage hand Lance from Texas, whom the Polish film crew nicknamed "Texas Ranger,"  and oh ... by the way my wonderful wife and baby boy Diego in the midst of Downtown Munich surrounded by 1000's of pedestrians passing by in the main square.  And we were about to ROCK their world with Michael!!!

Now ... did anyone call the police??? 

No need...

No time...

Hit play!

Suddenly we began rocking out to Michael being blasted through our portable sound system and we turned St. Michael's Church Square into a Catholic Rock concert!!!

God is Good.

I would estimate at our peak we had about 1000 people (half of which were overtly Muslim) watching us rock out for St. Michael the Arch Angel.... Like I said... He wanted this to happen.

We ran about 5 full takes and each time we received a standing ovation from the crowd after each take... (well they had nowhere to sit!!!).

And then just like that as fast as we set up, we packed up and I literally walked away in disbelief in awe and wonder at what just happened. 

You know life is funny..

sometimes I do wonder about how effective I am as a Catholic musician with a rock band.  I question whether I am doing God's work the way He wants it.  I ask myself... really God you still want a Catholic rock band???  But it's moments like this that I here that powerful small and sometimes loud voice... "Yes!!! I want a Catholic Rock band.  KEEP IT UP!!!"

God Bless you my friends,

Stay Strong - Stay Catholic