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Catholic Rock at its finest

Hailing from Portland, OR, The Thirsting offers cutting edge Catholic rock music. Under the direction of Daniel Oberreuter, The Thirsting proclaims the truths of the Catholic faith. The mission of The Thirsting is to inspire souls to know, love, and serve Jesus Christ in the Eucharist.

As a live touring band, The Thirsting is known for high energy shows with a powerful Catholic message.   At a Thirsting concert, one is taken on a journey spiritually as a Catholic message is intermingled with a stunning rock performance. Many souls are moved to greater repentance and a deeper love of Jesus and His Catholic Church.

The band played World Youth Day 2016, NCYC 2015, 2017, NCCYM 2014 and numerous diocesan youth rallies and concerts across the nation.

The band has put out three self-produced albums: Companions of the Lamb - 2008, Universal Youth - 2011, and Michael - 2017



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